Monday, September 27, 2010

Carry-on Feb '09 (c)

Inspired by African tribes (namely the Samburu people) who wear accessories and jewelry to show their history. As a result we created a modular pouch necklace which can be assembled in numerous ways and contain a variety of objects meaningful to us and representative of our own history.

In collaboration with:
Keri Mullin

Hearts Apr '10 (c)

A game in which the instructions are contained within fused plastic bags in the shape of a heart. The tasks are meant to bring a bit of unexpected joy/feel good vibes to the receiver who then must themselves complete the "mission". As a result, a never-ending game is played in hopes to spread some happiness and reduce negative feelings in the world.

In collaboration with:
Silvana Sanchez

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nesting Bowls - Apr '09 (c)

**Special Thank You to Gaïa Orain (pictured below) for teaching us how to felt and machine knit**

Nomadic/modular/portable storage unit and working table for jewelry making (Aria), bike repairing (Derek) and knitting (Miliana).

In collaboration with:

Craftivist Toolkit 'Plarn' - Dec '08 (c)

Below is the result of teaching people to knit with newspaper.

This is the zine we handed out:

A craftivist toolkit meant to create a spontanaeous knitting group and share information about alternative materials to knit/crochet with that will have a beneficial effect on the environment by reducing so-called "garbage" ending up in landfills.

In collaboration with:

Hideme - Apr '09 (c)

A soft electronics garment that allows the user to hide from the world when it gets too scary/hectic while still aware of his or her surroundings by means of an external sensor which lights up on the inside when an intruder is nearby.

In collaboration with:
Nancy Kovacs