Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Slo" Business Cards Oct '10

Business cards for project "Slo"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mongrels 2 '07

Hybrid Nov '06

Ballpoint pen on bristol paper.

Weight Within '04

Spot welded and blow torched sheet metal with iron rods.

Eyes '03

Charcoal and watercolour.

18" x 24"

X ray '03

Acrylic paint, white conté and charcoal.

48" x 36"

Touch '03

Photomontage intaglio, hand drawn intaglio (Plexiglas and light sensitive blue film) and monoprint.

A triptych print about the sense of touch and ageing.

Me, Myself and I Apr '06

A triptych video and sound installation, projected onto square canvases through peep holes.

The videos show myself in three self-made ethnic wears, walking around and on a hill while reciting a poem in English, Croatian and German that speaks of my thoughts on the two other lives I could have possibly led.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Various video works

"Move" Oct '08

Before the Design & Computation Arts department decided to dedicate a space for students to work on their projects, it was quite difficult to find space to work at all without being in the way. This short video is a humorous take on the issue at that time.


"Wednesday Musing" Mar '08

Out-takes of a video shoot edited into a small clip.


"You Can Count On Nathan" Aug '06

Out-takes of a video shoot edited into a small clip.

Embody Nov '06

A short animation (which was presented in class projected onto a small handmade puppet theatre. The animation features a young boy who finds an insect that is seemingly harmless but not everything is always as it seems.

In collaboration with:
Chantal Taylor

My /House/ Home Oct '06

A short stop animation video about the importance of a home in contrast to a house and our experiences within it.

In collaboration with:
Chantal Taylor

Animated gifs from '04-'05

Early experimentation with webcam, photoshop and gif animation software.

Personal work.